Mar 29, 2009

all alone
sitting here
in the stark cold
contemplating what i'll do
if i ever get the nerve
to approach you
too much pressure
too much fear
too many thoughts
ringing in my ears
so much to give
so much to say
too little time
to make you stay
what will i do
if i lose you
what will i do
if you lose me too
i want you to know
that i am here
all i need to do
is make one thing clear
i am no one's sister
i am no friend nor lay
i am a girl in love
just trying to give my heart away

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20 Y.O.
By Janet

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Apr 12, 2005

sweet evaporation

carried through a mist of condemnation

bathed in the waves

of what was taken


from political complication


in a subconscious segregation

slowly drowned

in the pools of deprivation


with a tool of sinister frustration

the current pulls us away

into a lonesome desolation

where our tears spell out



quenched a thirst

of inihibitions

washed a slate

of wrong decisions

moisturized a people

to be forgiven

and flooded the land with droplets

to nuture the living

still advantage is taken

like a hurricane

not even the most refreshing molecule

can put out the fire that we have tamed

but when the dam

stop giving way

and we're no longer baptized

in what flowed our way

reverie stops

spilling amongst us

and the lagoons of hope

become hopeless

empty glasses of passions

that once quenched a society to satisfaction

now are the drinks

we've all been lacking

no longer pouring at our hands and feet

but overflowing and starting to leak

in a place unknown

where imagination can only flow alone

a sweet dreamlike ripple and splash

where life took its first cast

only if the river into such an ocean would last

to protest and build brooks

from a diluted past.


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Feb 20, 2005

it dug deep with wounds open

the smoke enlarged and the door kept closing

and i was trapped in that room

me and a blaze in bloom

under the glaze of smoke

suffocating and in his blood i was soaked

my lungs gently tightened

the fire quickly hightened

and i soon became we

if only i could see

but the grey went on for days

and for miles stood the haze

but the feeling, the feeling was strange

pleasure and pain

a mosaic of two

and oddly burnt off of you

then i saw it

that light of the culprit

love the inevitable match

only if the friction lacked

i'd be free

instead of in the 3rd degree.

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Feb 18, 2005

he was different


but it seems he's slipped away

right undder my feet

and its all my fault

im confused

and regressing

into lonely state

bc for the first time

i thought

something was able to take

i grasped

i missed

and now hes gone

trickled down the..

the world. is gone

why did i

what could i

do it

have done


i was blind

unconsciously unaware

never realized

his feelings that were there

so selfish of me

so unthoughtful

oh..the lenghts i'd go to

to change it all

i was gone

no worries no shrugs

now its gone

but he doesnt know

he was all i thought of.

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Feb 17, 2005
you = me

i remember the day our paths intertwined
it was almost as it the stars were aligned
from that moment foward
my heart went toward
an experience of wildfire
that set my heart ablaze
with interest, desire
through a meadow of uncertainty
saturated with vulnerablity
but you torched me with an oh so contagious embrace
i see it's alrite
and i'll give this overtime
just to feed the fire
help take this higher
beyond the immense ignominy
living with the painless rhapsody
you are all of what i see
all of what i need
you and me

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i have your picture here
couple of messeges to you
and they wonder
who? and is it love?
i smile but theres no other
a friend or lover?
is it undercover?
i smile but theres no other
confidant? brother?
i smile but theres no other
words aren't enough to describe
how you make me feel inside
i find the feelings hard to hide

i smile because you are the reason

Posted at 08:34 pm by mz_shannon
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my thoughts

this thought keeps calling me
it's destiny
you and me
too real to see
what you have is what i need
this is confusing me
kind of crazy
only if could just be
these obstacles, uneasy
complicated, naturally
but we'd go together, beautifully
don't you see?
all i need is your support, unconditionally
too real to see
you and me
it's destiny
and the thought keeps calling me©

Posted at 08:26 pm by mz_shannon
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